Calendar 2020 - 2021

Upcoming events

30th March 2020

– Start of New Session

7th April

– World Health Day (Science Society)

10th – 11th April

– Elections (Discipline Committee)

15th April

– Sports Match (Sports Society)

18th April

– Educational Trip (Science Society)

20th – 24th April

– Environment Week (Science & Literature Society)

18th May – 22nd May

– First Term Examinations

24th May – 9th August

– Summer Vacations

10th August

– School Reopens

14th August

– Independence Day (Event On 13th August) (Drama, Music And Literature Society)

30th August

– Sports Match (Sports Society)

6th September

– Pakistan Defense Day (Event On 5th Sept) (Drama, Music And Literature Society)

21st – 26th September

– Academic Competitions Week (Literature, Islamic, Arts & Science Society)

10th October

– Sports Match (Sports Society)

19th – 23rd October

– October Class Tests

9th November

– Iqbal Day (Drama, Music And Literature Society)

14th November

– School Trip

28th November

– Sports Match (Sports Society)

16th - 22nd December

– Mid Term Examination

25th - 3rd January 2021

– Winter Holidays

4th January 2021

– School Reopens

16th January

– Sports Day (Sports Society)

13th February

– Funfair

20th February

– Sports Match (Sports Society)

12th - 18th February March

– Final Exams