Examination & Assessments

In order to maintain the quality of education being provided to the students at As-Siraat
Public School, the results of students are regularly inspected. Weekly and monthly class tests,
term assessments and final examinations are conducted to monitor the progress of students
throughout the year. Regular parent-teacher meetings are conducted to discuss progress ofeach student.

The schedule of exams conducted is as follows:

1- First term examination – End of May
2- October class tests – Mid-October
3- Mid-term examination – Mid-December
4- Final examination – March

Grade 5 and Grade 8 students appear in Punjab Education Commission (PEC) examinationsalso.

The administration also regularly assesses the performance of teachers. A low teacher-studentratio is maintained to ensure that individual attention is given to each student, and teachersare able to deliver to the best of their capability.