Vision & Mission

Provision of free quality education

Through provision of free quality education at par with any good urban school, As-Siraat Public High School aims to empower the underprivileged population of the rural area of Ahmedpur East to overcome socio-economic barriers and become a part of the mainstream educated society. Increasing the literacy rate of the area will undoubtedly equip the local population with the tools to excel in all walks of life.

Many bright and fertile young minds of this area are barred from achieving their full potential due to obstacles, including poverty and poor quality of education. We aim to impart a holistic education and upbringing, which will enable moral, spiritual and intellectual development of children of Ahmedpur East grooming them into responsible and productive citizens of Pakistan.


As Siraat Public High School

Established in the remote area of Ahmedpur East (near Bahawalpur) in 2012, As-Siraat Public High School is a registered institute and affiliated with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Bahwalpur (BISE BWP). It is providing the finest quality of English-medium education in the city. The school was founded under As-Siraat Trust, a public charitable trust, working in different areas of Pakistan with the sole aim of serving humanity. Education is one of the main areas of focus of As-Siraat Trust.

A good education and a sound upbringing is the right of every child, regardless of social and economic status. Keeping in view that the majority of the local population of Ahmedpur East cannot afford to provide their children quality education, As-Siraat offers free-of-cost education to its students along with free supply of books, notebooks and stationery. The education provided is a fine blend of religious and worldly education. The school provides academic excellence in a quality Islamic learning environment. It aims to groom students into responsible citizens with strong moral values.

As-Siraat aims to be the driving force for a strong wave of positive change in the area. In this manner, the faith of society in the importance and long-lasting benefits of quality education can be reinforced.

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