Holistic student-centered curriculum

A school system is primarily defined by the quality of its curriculum and the manner in which it is taught. Special attention has been given towards designing a holistic curriculum which is in line with our vision as well as the requirements of the students and the demands of the post-modern era. Qualified and trained teachers have been hired after a rigorous selection procedure to ensure that the curriculum is taught in the best manner.

The curriculum has been designed in accordance with the syllabus of Punjab Textbook Board to make it easier for the underprivileged students of school to become a part of mainstream education process. Special attention has been given into formulating curriculum of Montessori classes, as the stability of a building relies on the strength of its foundation.

The curriculum of the school gives due importance to spiritual enlightenment and moral development of the students. Teaching etiquettes and developing positive personality traits is a key goal. Therefore, special classes are held daily, which are based on recitation of Quran according to Tajweed rules, stories of Islam, life of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) and invocations and duas.

As-Siraat’s curriculum and methodology is designed specifically to ensure a smooth transition in teaching and learning from the primary sector through the middle years, creating a strong base for students to move towards higher education. The curriculum encourages a student-centered approach where learners have an active role in their learning process, and they are equipped to make a significant contribution to society.

Dynamic Student Centered Learning

Primary Level

From Nursery to Class-5

Middle Level

From Class-6 to Class-8

Higher Level

From Class-9 to Class-10